Your house is your biggest investment. You don’t want to be surprised by problems after moving in!  Having a thorough, quality inspection is important and we are confident in our ability to provide all our customers with that and more!

Our goal is to assist you in making an informed and confident decision before purchasing your home. Remember, if you have any questions about the home after the inspection, we encourage you to reach out to us and ask.

Buyer Inspections

Buying A Home May Be One Of The Biggest Investment You’ll Ever Make. Finding the right home inspector early in the process is as important as finding the right home for the Buyer Inspection.

Seller Inspection

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection will provide you with information about your home. Regardless of how long you’ve lived in your home or how old it is, there could be unknown issues that could hinder a sale.

New Construction Inspections

We’ve seen how troubling it is for new homeowners moving into new construction that did not go through a thorough inspection. We perform inspections on newly constructed homes in Fort Worth TX and surrounding areas.

Warranty Inspections

Your Builder’s Warranty for your new home is about to expire. Just because your house is new doesn’t mean you don’t need a Builder’s Warranty Inspection by a Professional Fort Worth TX Home Inspector!

Multi-Family & Commercial Inspections

Whether purchasing a 600 square-foot apartment complex or a small coffee shop, always consider a professional commercial inspection service that will help you make the right financial decisions.

Additional Services We Offer

Water Well Inspections and Water Sample Testing

Regularly testing your water’s quality is an important part of maintaining a reliable and safe water source. Water Testing must be routinely performed, whether for business, agriculture, or domestic purposes.

Pools and Spas Inspections

A pool inspection is important when purchasing a home. This inspection will look for safety concerns and maintenance issues that are crucial not only for your family but for others around your neighborhood.

Sprinkler / Irrigation Systems Inspections

To save you the time and hassle of watering your plants and gardens, well-functioning lawn irrigation can work like magic and help keep your front lawn and backyard looking great.

Septic System Evaluations

If you are considering a home inspection for your selling or buying transaction, make sure to include a Septic System Evaluation. A failed or malfunctioning septic system is a big expense, a health risk to humans, animals and can be a source of environmental pollution.

Termite / WDI Inspections and report

Sometimes called “termite inspections”, this specialized inspection looks for damage caused by any type of insect, primarily termites that feed on, and nest in, the wood that supports your home’s frame, flooring, ceiling, and other places.

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There are many suburban communities surrounding Fort Worth and Dallas with many people looking for the most liveable cities to move to. Rate of growth of residency, these cities and counties have a lot to offer to help you settle in, whether it be for a career change, business venture, raising a family, or even retiring. 

If you are a home buyer who’s looking for affordability and a more neighborly feel, yet more space than larger densely packed cities, Alpine Inspections, Inc. will be there to make your home buying experience a most decisive one. 

Lead home inspector and owner of Alpine Inspections, Inc., Tod Brooks, together with his team of professionals, are dedicated to providing you with the ‘information’ you need to make a confident decision about the property you’re looking to buy. Through a quality home inspection, we put the entire property into perspective for you.

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