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No home is going to be perfect (even new or recently built construction). Home Inspectors will usually discover some issues needing attention or that the buyer and seller should be aware of.  These sample home inspection reports reflect typical homes to showcase their condition.

Our home inspection reports are easy-to-read and understand, comprehensive narrative-style that is custom-tailored to the home that is being inspected. The inspection report will highlight any areas of concern and include photos of what is being described to aid incomprehension.

For your convenience, we have included sample home inspection reports below for your review. Click on the link to preview the report.
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There are many suburban communities surrounding Fort Worth and Dallas with many people looking for the most liveable cities to move to. Rate of growth of residency, these cities and counties have a lot to offer to help you settle in, whether it be for a career change, business venture, raising a family, or even retiring. 

If you are a home buyer who’s looking for affordability and a more neighborly feel, yet more space than larger densely packed cities, Alpine Inspections, Inc. will be there to make your home buying experience a most decisive one. 

Lead home inspector and owner of Alpine Inspections, Inc., Tod Brooks, together with his team of professionals, are dedicated to providing you with the ‘information’ you need to make a confident decision about the property you’re looking to buy. Through a quality home inspection, we put the entire property into perspective for you.

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